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Bilingual Babysitters


We help your family to find a babysitter who can teach your child a second language!

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Babysitters are employed by our agency and we pay all their taxes and social charges.


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Some examples of our wonderful nannies and happy customers:

Jessica, 27 years old

came from USA and speaks English as a native language. Since Jessica has lived in Sweden for several years she is also fluent in Swedish.

Family with two children:

Alexander 6 and Alice 8 years old

"Jessica is the already a second nanny we hire through The children's father is American and the English language is incredibly important to us".

Linda E., Solna

Morgane, 26 years old

is born in France but moves to Stockholm in 1997. Morgane speaks French as a native language but she also speaks Swedish fluently.

Family with three children:

Philip 3, Max 5 and Strix 12 years old

"We are very happy with Morgane. The kids are always so excited when she is coming. We both are originally from France and want to maintain a good level of French in our children".

Adelina och Patric J., Stockholm

Letizia, 20 years old

is an ambitious Italian girl who is studying at a master program at Stockholm University.

Family with one child: Sofia, 9 years old

”It works just excellent with Letizia! We own a house in Italy and it was an incredible fun when our daughter Sofia was able to help us with the Italian language after 8 months babysitting with Letizia".

Ingela D., Sundbyberg

Karina, 24 years old

came from Germany for two years ago to live in Stockholm with her boyfriend. She has just started her education to become a math and German teacher. Karina will be graduating in 2016.

Family with tree children:

Luna 4, Julia 6, and Amanda 10 y. o.

"We had a babysitter who got a full-time job and when we started to look for a new nanny, we came across Since I got a job in Germany and our family were to move there in 6 months hiring Karina seemed be a perfect opportunity to introduce a new language for the children”.

Lucaz E., Stockholm

Top 5 reasons for choosing us:

Submit your inquiry now and get 15% discount on the first invoice

Benefits on acquiring a second language are:

Better listening skills

Studying foreign langua-
ges is known to enhance listening skills and memory, which contribu-
tes to a significant di-
mension to the concept of communication.

Better reading skills

Children’s study of
foreign languages will improve their reading comprehension in their native language by beco-
ming more aware of the technicalities of his or her native tongue.

Better test scores

Children who have studied foreign languages have higher performance levels in English and mathematics as compared to students who have not. Each year of language study has correlated to increasing higher test scores and overall analytical ability.

Better career options

Learning foreign langua-
ges provides a competi-
tive edge in career choi-
ces not only in today’s world but also in the world of tomorrow

How we work:

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If we have a suitable babysitter available, we present her/him within
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If we do not have a suitable babysitter available, we conduct a recruitment process which means that we normally present a candidate after 2 weeks.

If you believe that our candidate sounds interesting, we schedule a free of charge meeting where you meet the babysitter together with your family.

If you don’t find a profile of the candidate interesting, we continue to present additional candidates until we find the right one.

Once we find a suitable babysitter we sign a contract with you.

Submit your inquiry now and get 15% discount on the first invoice

Amount of hours
per month

  • up to 24 hours
  • 25-40 hours
  • 41 hours and more
  • *We charge a minimum of 3 hours per session.

Price per hour
after RUT incl. VAT

  • 170:- / hour after RUT incl. VAT
  • 160:- / hour after RUT incl. VAT
  • 150:- / hour after RUT incl. VAT

Full price per hour
incl. VAT

  • 340:-/ hour incl. VAT
  • 320:-/ hour incl. VAT
  • 300:-/ hour incl. VAT

* Please contact us if you would like to find a babysitter that speaks your chosen
target language

Submit inquiry now
and get 15% discount
on your first invoice

Submit your inquiry now
and get 15% discount on the first invoice

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