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Bilingual babysitters

A bilingual babysitter is a babysitter who speaks and understands Swedish or English and also speaks some other language as native. For example Swedish and English or English and Greek.

It is not always easy for a child to develop a second language. Children naturally tend to switch to a language they speak with their friends at school. But the benefits of being bilingual are impressive!

Why bilingual babysitters are so great?

We love working with bilingual babysitters because this has lots of obvious and hidden benefits. Choosing a bilingual babysitter provides multiple benefits for your child, apart from acquiring an additional language. After years of specializing in babysitters that speak different languages, we have highlighted the following advantages:
Great personality
Most of our bilingual babysitters moved to Sweden from other countries and have a great life experience, interesting background, and are open-minded and flexible.
It is also common that the age of a bilingual babysitter is a bit older than the average which generally makes our nannies more experienced, reliable & responsible.
Great role model
Kids often see adults they meet as role models. 95% of our bilingual babysitters have a good education and a lot of previous work experience with children. About 60 % lived in other countries before moving to Sweden, traveled around the world, or acquired other valuable experiences.
Long-term commitment
It is a natural choice to focus on learning Swedish as the first step in the integration process. That usually means that our bilingual nannies have classes in the mornings which fits perfectly with an afternoon babysitting job. Also they are often able to provide a long-term commitment.
We can help finding a babysitter in any language

European languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish,
Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish
Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Swahili, Hindi, Farsi, Georgian, Mongolian,
Urdu, Persian, Amharic, Tagalog

How our bilingual babysitters
work with children?

Play is absolutely crucial for children's development. Our babysitters play with children both indoors and outdoors.
Crafting, painting, baking, etc are not only good for creativity and fine motor skills - they also affects the ability to learn.
Reading and talking
The more we read to our children, the bigger their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them gets.
With a bilingual nanny your child naturally absorbs everyday words & phrases from a native speaker

Benefits on acquiring a second language

Better memory

Studying foreign languages is known to enhance listening skills and memory. Switching between different languages is a great way to get the brain working
More acceptance

A language often comes with a new culture. That usually equals to more understanding and acceptance of the fact that everyone is different
Better test scores

Children who have studied foreign languages have higher performance levels in mathematics, have better reading skills and show better test results in general
Easier to learn new languages
Being bilingual has enormous benefits, both private and professional. Children who speak two languages can learn new languages later in life much easier

Some examples of our wonderful babysitters
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Satisfied customer guarantee
100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you do not pay for the first week
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We have 11 years of experience in childcare industry
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Choose the right plan for you

Bilingual babysitter - is a babysitter who speaks another language than Swedish with your child
Bound 1**
minimum charge
12 h/m
Bound 2
minimum charge
24 h/m
All prices are incl. VAT and after RUT deduction
The minimum charge per shift is 3 hours
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Good to know:
From the 1 of January 2021, the RUT is limited to 75 000 kr per person per calendar year. Please note that ROT deduction is also included in this amount but it is limited to 50 000 kr. If you exceed this amount, we will ask you to pay the full price for the services.

Picking up children from preschool or school, and taking them home or to different activities is also covered by RUT.
For childcare, you can get a deduction of 50% which will be paid by the Swedish Tax office/Skatteverket.

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How does the process of hiring a babysitter look like?

Fill in the form
Fill in the form by clicking on "Boka". (This inquiry is not binding) or call us at 08-517 831 43. It is totally free of charge untill we find a babysitter you like!
Presentation and meeting
We usually present a babysitter within 2-3 business days. If you are interested in meeting the babysitter we help you to schedule a meeting. Otherwise, we continue looking for another nanny until we find a babysitter you like.
Contract & employment
If you both like and want to work with each other, a contract is signed between you and our agency.
We always strive to have close contact with both customers and employees.
If something is not working we help with consultation or smoothly help you to change a babysitter.
We help with finding a babysitter all over Sweden.

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FAQ about bilingual babysitters

Do all bilingual babysitters speak Swedish?
Not all babysitters speak Swedish, but the requirement is that everyone who works with us should be able to speak Swedish or English.

In some cases, it can be even a disadvantage for the babysitter to understand or speak Swedish since there is a risk that the children will just switch to Swedish. In that case, we instruct babysitters to pretend that they don't understand Swedish so that kids are "forced" to practice their second language.

How do you do background checks on babysitters who recently came to Sweden?
If babysitters come from an EU country, they can either order and show an extract from the criminal record from the country they came from or, in case they have a Swedish personal number, they can order a Swedish police check which includes the EU. If the babysitter comes from a country located outside the EU, we check that the person is registered in Sweden and make sure that they already have worked in Sweden so that we can check references.
If our children speak very little of their second language how often should we hire a nanny so that they can learn?
If you hire a babysitter for language purposes, it is important that your children meet the babysitter regularly. A three-hour session at least three times a week is usually enough for the children to get good progress in their language development.